by Sakura Lee Ishiama



Yumi is a very shy person and has been since we were little. We've been best friends since pre-k. She is like my sister. She wanted to make more friends but it was hard for her. I know she is a great friend. I always made friends very easy so I always had her by my side.

One day I was absent and she had no one to play with until this new kid showed up. His name was Ulrich and he asked if he could play with her at recess and she said yes. I hope you don't mind playing with someone who is really shy and a big coward. He said he didn't mind either because he was the same way - so they played together.

She agreed and said, "Sure oh..um by the way my name is Yumi." That is how they became best friends.

When I came back she was very cheerful and she told me what had happened and got me caught up on everything. I told Yumi I had to move to Denver,Colorado and leave our little town to go to a big city. Then both Yumi and Ulrich moved as well. They didn't meet until I ran in to Yumi one time and she told me both Ulrich and I had left and she was alone until her family moved and both of us were together again.

We are the very very best friends forever no matter what happens. We are there for each other no matter what. It is a sign of a real life friend. We haven't seen Ulrich for three and a half years now. Even in High School we are the closest friends. Yumi is smiling and making tons of friends now and I am so happy for her. She is finally blooming into a lovely rose without any thorns. I am happy that she is happy. We are never going to be apart.

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