Why Friends Lie

It is never easy when a friend doesn't tell the truth. This is something that hurts the person who has been lied to ? and ultimately hurts the person who did the lying as well. Lying is never something that is easy to forget or even to forgive ? but it is something that you should try to understand so that you can be a better friend, and so that you can be sure that you are treating your friends the right way.

Sometimes, friends lie because of the way that they are feeling. If a friend feels inferior to another person, they might make up stories or situations so that they can get more attention. If your friend is lying to you because of this reason, it might be a good idea to talk to your friend about their feelings. If you can make them understand that they don?t need to feel inferior to you, or you can make them see that there are great things about them that they might not have thought of before, they will be less likely to lie in the future.

There are times when a friend might lie to avoid getting in trouble. For instance, if a friend has been doing something that they know you wouldn't approve of, or if they said or did something that they now regret, they might want to lie about it so that you won't be angry with them. The best way to handle this situation is to get to the bottom of what might have happened, and make sure that you are being honest with your friend about everything that you do. You should also be sure to talk to your friend about how much lying hurts, and how it makes you feel.

Sometimes, a friend lies for other reasons. One of these reasons might be to protect your feelings. These lies are a little bit different because they might not be honest, but they are lies that are done with good intentions. For instance, if a friend wants to protect your feelings, they might lie about how you look, or how you behaved. These lies often come in the heat of the moment ? for example if you feel that you acted out of control or in an embarrassing way, a friend might assure you that you shouldn't be embarrassed, or that you acted in a perfectly controlled manner, even if they might believe otherwise. This is something that might be done to protect you feelings ? and most of the time, friends can tell when another friend is saying these things just to make them feel better. You must decide if truthfulness is more important that your feelings, in this type of situation.

Although it might seem easy to do, and although you might have excuses for it, it is never a good idea to lie to a friend. Lying to your friends breaks trust, and breaks confidence in the friendship. Therefore, you want to be sure that you are always being truthful with your friends.

Many times, friends don't lie to hurt each other, but to avoid being hurt themselves. Perhaps they know that the truth might make you mad at them, and they might want to avoid losing your friendship. The best way to handle lying is to talk to your friends calmly, and get the entire truth. Try to move forward, but always remember that you should be honest with your friend in order to make sure that they treat you the same way.