When Friends are Mean

Have you ever had a friend say something unkind or even downright mean to you? When friends are mean, it can wreak havoc on your emotions. You may get angry or you may find yourself depressed. You might even want revenge.

Realize this, though: It takes a stronger, more courageous person to be forgiving and move forward with your life. The smartest thing you can do is recognize that such behavior is rude and promise yourself to treat others in a better, friendlier way.

when friends are mean, mean friends

Have you ever had a friend ignore you, walk away while you are talking, not return your phone calls or roll her eyes at something you have said? Sometimes friends can be pretty thoughtless. More often than not, they are thinking about themselves and not anyone else. How you react is entirely up to you, though.

If you choose to, you can allow yourself to feel angry, hurt or sad. You can let your friend's actions ruin your day or even your whole week. Another option is to say (to yourself), "Well, that person just doesn't realize how wonderful I am. Sad for her." Then, move on with your life.

Some friends are rude

There are people in this world who are just intentionally mean. They may love the power trip they feel they get or they may be using their hateful attitude to cover for their own insecurities. Other people really are good on the inside, but do things without thinking unintentionally hurting others.

What do you do when friends are mean?

When friends are mean, you have to question whether they just made a bad choice or whether they have a history of being thoughtless. If your friend says something mean once or twice, it is not the same is someone who always puts you down or acts like you are less important. If you are spending time with a friend who has a history of being mean, it can sabotage your self-confidence. Your best bet is to find a friend who shares your values, our outlook on life and your definition of friendship.

Choose your friends carefully. Most of the time they are a big help, but sometimes they can hurt you. Finding someone who is sensitive and kind can fill your life with a lot of encouragement, happiness and fun.