The Value of Friendship

The value of friendship is something that few people take time to really appreciate. When you need a friend, you realize just how important it is to have a strong relationship to another person. value of friendship, good friends Everyone values friendships, but it's especially important when you are a teenager and a young adult. A special friendship provides someone to talk to and hang out with, laughter, advice and so much more.

There are so many things teens go through that good friends can help with.

The True Value of Friendship: Being There


One value of friendship which many find extremely important is the companionship aspect of it. Whether you are hanging out with your friends in between classes or going to the movies with them during the weekend, you will find that having friends is a really great thing. Friends are companions who will keep you occupied and individuals who you can have a great time with all the time.


Even if you can't get together with your friends you can usually get a hold of them by phone, email or text messaging. Conversation, whether actual or virtual, is another value which people consider with regard to friendship. Everyone needs to talk and share their thoughts and feelings and friends are great in providing this for you. Good conversation usually equals a great friendship.

Helping Hand When Needed

Friends also lend a helping hand when it is needed. Every once in a while you will find that you have a problem which your friends can often help you out with. Whether it deals with a fight with your parents or boy/girl issues, your friends are there for you. This is a valuable trait when it comes to friendship.


Those who have good friends will also find that laughter is a big part of the relationship. No one can make you laugh like your friends and laughter is so good for keeping your spirits up and making your day bright. You will find that the more good friends you have, the more laughter and happiness you will have in your life. Just keep in mind, though, that it is often quality of friends and not quantity of friends which make an individual happy overall.


Another valuable aspect of friendship is that friends often provide helpful advice for one another. When teens have a problem they usually turn to their friends or their parents. Sometimes they may find that their parents are unable to help out in a certain situation and this is when they truly need the advice of their peers. Having friends means that you will have someone to help you get through a situation that you need help with. This, too, is a great aspect of friendship. The advice may range anywhere from what clothes to wear to what you should do in a certain circumstance. No matter what the issue may be, having a friend to provide advice is quite valuable.