The Promise My Bestfriend Gave Me

by Carly
(San Francisco, California)

I had a best friend since I was 7 years old and at the time he was 8. My best friend is a guy and yet we don't feel conscious about ourselves when we are around each other, in fact, we feel so comfortable we feel like we can always be us and just us.

When I was about 9; his family needed to go to England (as far as I know, it was because of something like a family business trip that needed to be taken care of), but before he left, he gave me a bracelet just like his. He said that it would be a sign of our friendship, that even though we are as far from each other, we would still be best friends but he also told me to be careful with it because we had a deal that if it got broken our friendship was gone he He promised that he would be back to visit.

Years passed, but then I see no sign of him, not even his shadow. And I thought 'He might have forgotten about me already,' or 'He might not remember me anymore' As the years kept passing one thing in particular happened; I removed the bracelet he had given me.

Guess what! All these years, my parents and his parents had connections with each other and we didn't know. One day my parents learned that they were going to have a summer here (the place I live). Then, they decided to see each other, at one fancy restaurant, but they did not let us know because they wanted to surprise us. Then, later that night, we arrived at the fancy restaurant. Me and my best friend were in shock, surprised, and of course, very happy to see each again for so many years. Then, stories began, we ate and talked about the things that happened to our lives these years. Me and my best friend decided to go outside, take a walk and have a little talk about ourselves on our own. Then, in the middle of our talk, he noticed that I wasn't wearing the bracelet he gave me, so I told him why. And he said, "I promised you I would visit, so here I am, right in front of you and I'm still your best friend. And if I haven't made my promised today, trust me, I'll do everything I can to make that promise to you no matter what because you are my BEST FRIEND!"

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