The Lost BFF

by Nabila Aviani

I used to be their BFF

I used to be their BFF

When I went to grade 4, I already had friends. I knew them from when I was in grade 3 but they were not in the same school as mine.

First, they were taken By Hijab And Rania. I really wanted to play with them. They are twins (Shammai, Shemmaiah)

Then when the time I came to play with them was really cool but I was so envious with rania. She always took Shammai with her.

Then the time I was their friend (in t2 I fought with the twins then dahlya told me to be their friend again but Dahlya took the twins to be her BFFs, not mine) By the time Dahlya took them, they ignored me completely. Dahlya was so bossy and that's the thing I was angry about.

Everyday I saw them playing together then Rola became their BFF, too. I felt like I lost my BFFS. I want to get them back but it's really hard. They already stick with Dahlya and Rola and forget me. I can't get them back :'(

P.S. Can anybody tell me how to get them back? If you know email me: CAPTAIN_NABILA@YAHOO.COM

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