The Heart of a friend


The heart of a friend

It encompasses the complexity of a human being. The heart of a friend cannot be understood by intellect
How it feels,
how it hurts,
how it forgives wrongs,
how it loves,
how it hates,
how it gives
and how it takes.
But what mind cannot understand,
the heart can...
the heart of a friend can.
You can never imagine how the heart of a friend can listen when it has no ears;
how it can see when it has no eyes;
how it can touch when it has no hands;
and how it can walk extra miles when it has no feet.
Too wonderful!
It’s too immense for comprehension.
The heart of a friend, though has no ears,
listens even without voices and hears between silence.
It hears cries disguising in laughter.
It hears pains hiding through smiles.
It hears a struggling heart that calls for comfort and help.
It can see what inside the heart—feelings that others know not about.
The heart of a friend though without eyes looks beyond and sees what physical eyes cannot.
It can see a need and look intently with burning yearning to act on the need.
The heart of a friend though without hands, it holds tightly not wanting the other to let go.
Though without feet, it walks anywhere and it never complains.
With the heart of a friend, you will never walk alone. Never!
The heart of a friend is the heart of God, lent to men...
to let someone know that God is always around,
that His presence is never blurred,
that His love is not abstract — it is tangible and can be felt.
That His love does not walk away and it will never will.

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