The Friend That Disappeared

by Kidge

Hi everyone, I am a reserved person. Only, I got impressed by the people who have good qualities, like honesty, simplicity, and kindness.

I would like to share my friendship story with all of you.

One day my common friend asked me to speak with her friend. I spoke with her and I impressed by the way she talked. She is very down to earth. We enjoyed talking to each other so we exchanged our numbers. We started talking to each other.

I started forwarding some friendship quotes from We became very good friends, we shared every little thing with each other, and soon it became a habit of ours.

Suddenly she got married and went out of station. She never called me again. She just disappeared. I could not understand how this happened. I had counted her as one of my very good friends, but she didn't share anything with me. I am very sad without my friend and I don't know what will happen in future.

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