Teens Who Drink

You've probably heard a lot about teens who drink, and you might even have friends who have tried alcohol. Perhaps you have even tried it yourself. There are plenty of reasons that alcohol is something that should wait until you are an adult. However, many teens decide that they want to drink before they are of legal drinking age.

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There are lots of reasons that teens might want to drink. First of all, drinking is often seen as something that is cool. If the popular or cool kids are doing it, you might feel that you should be doing it too. Often, the most fun gatherings will have alcohol, at least in the opinion of the teens that drink, and they might not want to miss out on these fun times.

Sometimes, teens like to drink because it is something that their parents don't want them to do, and they want to be rebellious. A lot of the time, once a teen has been drinking they'll find that the drinking makes them feel better about their lives, at least for a little while, and allows them to not care so much about things that might bother them. Drinking might also be a way for them to finally fit in with a group of people, or to meet new people as well. These are all reasons that teens might drink, however they aren't reason enough for a person to do that to themselves.

Drinking as a teen is something that can be very dangerous. It can put undo strain on your liver because your liver and your other body organs haven't matured, and it takes a mature body to be able to handle alcohol and deal with it in the right way. Also, drinking as a teen can lead to other medical problems. Depression is very common among teens that turn to drinking. Also, teens don?t' often understand alcohol, or know how it works, and it is very easy for alcohol poisoning to occur when a teen is drinking. You might not know it, but drinking isn't very good for your body. It can lead to weight gain, and can make your skin and your hair unhealthy. Drinking also can lead to other bad choices, like smoking or doing drugs.

However, it isn't just the physical affects of drinking that are reasons enough to stay away. Drinking can also make you behave strangely. You might act out or be aggressive or violent, and you might say or do things that you would never say or do if you weren't drinking. Also, you might do things that are embarrassing while you are under the influence. Many people wake up after a night of drinking unsure about what they said or did, and this can lead to even bigger problems. You might be pressured into or decide to have sex that you don't want to have, while you are drinking. Of course, this can lead to unwanted pregnancy, STDs, and a whole host of other problems. Also, don't forget about the hangovers. After a night of drinking, it takes some time for your body to recuperate, and you might feel poorly for a day or even more. Hangovers can ruin just about anything that you've got planned for the next day.

If you have been drinking, and you think that you might have a problem, don't think that you are alone. If you know of a friend that has been drinking and think that they might have a problem, know that they aren't alone either. There are lots of things that you can do for yourself or someone that you know who has been drinking.