Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is something that concerns people of all age groups. It isn't simply a teen problem as it affects many other people, too ? parents, siblings, and grandparents just to name a few. Teen pregnancy is hard to talk about. It is often skipped over or ignored by parents, teachers, and even doctors. Most of the time, teens aren't planning on getting pregnant, but it happens anyway. It might happen because a teen doesn't have the right information about pregnancy, or because a teen doesn't have access to birth control, or chooses not to use it. It happens often, and when it does, there are a lot of issues that need to be considered.

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Teenagers do need to be concerned about teen pregnancy ? even if they think that they know all there is to know about sex and birth control. First of all, there are huge health risks to the mom. Having a baby at a young age might be what our ancestors did, but younger bodies aren't ready to bear children and often, teen moms are not equipped to deal with infants.

There are also health risks to the baby. Often, the same places that fail to give teenagers information about getting pregnant fail to give them information about how to care for themselves if they are pregnant. This can lead to poor eating on the mother's part, or even continued use of substances that could hurt the baby.

Teenagers also need to be aware of the risk of teen pregnancies when it comes to the future of the baby. Young parents can be good parents, but they don't have a full education, and aren't able to get high paying jobs. Often mothers put off school because they want to be there for their babies, and this only leads to young mothers having a difficult time supporting their families.

Statistics show that teen parents are much more likely to drop out of school, get low paying jobs, and be in relationships that aren't good for them or for the babies. Also, many teen parents today are children of teen mothers - and a lot of babies that are born to teenagers will probably grow up to have babies when they are teenagers.

There are lots of things that can be done to prevent teen pregnancy, but the most important thing is education. Teens should be given information about pregnancy - but they should also be ready and willing to go out into the world and do their own research.

Learn about sex and how pregnancy occurs, and get educated when it comes to statistics about teen pregnancy. Talk about the things that you've learned with your parents and with your partner. If you feel that abstinence is the right way to go, stand strong with your beliefs. If you still feel that you should be sexually active, talk to your parents and doctor in order to make decisions about your own sexual health. Teen pregnancy can be scary, and it can change everything about your life. Be responsible and get educated. If you are pregnant, take advantage of the many different programs that can help you, and be sure that you've talked to adults that you trust about what to do next.