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The concept of "friendship" involves a lot more than just being a good friend to someone. There are so many other aspects of friendship that affect your life and your friends' lives. While it isn't easy to categorize the various topics that relate to friendship, we want to provide as much information as possible to you. We want you to have an amazingly wonderful life.

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Oh, the delight of eating Friendship Bread. If you have never eaten this wonderful, yummy bread, you have to try it. The first thing you should do is see if anyone you know has a starter. If not, you can start your own batch from scratch. Just follow the directions.

If there is one topic that is universally hated by young people, it's bullying at school. Find out what you can do to stop bullying where you live.

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Jobs for Teens is another topic of interest that deserves special attention. If you are looking for a teen job, take a look at this article for some ideas and tips.

Although this may not be a favorite subject, it really needs to be addressed because teen obesity is becoming more and more common.

My Best Friend's Mom is an article about the relationships friends have with each other's families.

No one can avoid growing up. Find out how it can be especially challenging for a teenager in this heartfelt article.

Adolescent depression is an issue that many young people face. If you suffer from depression or know someone does, then you might want to review this article.

Are you a pregnant teen or do you know a teenager who is pregnant? Teen pregnancy is something that should be discussed more by parents, teenagers, teachers and churches. Read this article to find out more.

If you know you are going to have to move away from your neighborhood and your friends, you may be Upset About Moving.Find out how to deal with your feelings in this article.

Friend Problems can include anything from alcohol abuse to wanting to hurt other people. If you know of anyone who has problems that cannot be ignored, check out this page. It is full of valuable resources.

Friendship Day is a wonderful day to appreciate the friends you have and everything they mean to you.

There are many Bible verses about friendship. The Bible offers great advice about how to treat others. Understanding how to be a good friend is an essential element of a long-lasting friendship. Learn how God expects friends to treat one another as you read the Bible verses quoted on this page.