My Friendship Story

by Pooja

When I went to my new school in second grade, I was a little nervous, I was shy to speak with others, although my classmates were good and they all spoke to me kindly and friendly. My teachers were also good.

I studied in that class for three years. I like all of them there, but my lovable friends were Ramya,Gayathri and Pavithra. All three of them are like any other group of friends, I will fight with them always, but if any problem arrived we would be united.

One day Ramya and I were roaming and one lady asked us to control a classroom. We accepted, but when we went to our class after one period, all of them scolded that the lady was crying, as she was thinking that we have been lost or may be kidnapped. This was my horrible event that went in my life.

Now I am in some other class, but I will also miss my old class.

My old class is the best

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