My Best Friends Mom

Being best friends with someone often means you get to know their family pretty well, too. One sign of a great friendship is when you can get along well with your best friend's parents and siblings. Let's face it, you're over at your friend's house a lot, right?

Ashley's Story

My best friends mom is like a mom to me, too. She is always making sure I am staying focused on my schoolwork and gives me a hard time when I do stupid things, just like she does with her own daughter. In some ways, I feel like I can talk to her easier than I can my own mom. My mom is great and all, but my best friends mom doesn't judge me or condemn me like I feel my mom does. She listens more and offers advice instead of making me feel bad when I do dumb things. Plus, my mom is pretty busy with her job, so having a second mom comes in handy.

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Something that is important to understand (and keep in mind) is that each set of parents has different rules for their house. You have to be willing to abide by those rules while you are in their home. For instance, some parents are more lenient than others and they let their children stay up too late, eat junk food, watch inappropriate movies and/or drink alcohol. Other parents try to teach their children using family values like having good manners, keeping their rooms clean, speaking respectfully and/or avoiding putting things in their bodies that aren't wholesome. Follow the rules of the family you are visiting and you'll get along with your best friends family beautifully.

Having a best friend is awesome, so you will want to take care of that relationship in every way you can. That means being polite and respectful to your best friends parents. While this article is primarily about your best friends mom, it also applies to your best friends dad, too. Everyone wants to be treated kindly.

You may even find that, down the road, you are still friendly with your best friends parents even after your relationship with your best friend has gone by the wayside. It really is wonderful when you can have "adult" relationships with people who are older than you are.

Happy friendships!