by Tonya Jantzen
(Oroville, Ca)

I first met my best friend over the telephone.

My sister lived out of state. So one time when my sister called home; her friend was with her, well, me and her friend talked on the phone for about 20 minutes. We decided to exchange numbers and started talking and texting. Our friendship grew. We wanted to meet, but she did not have money to come see me.

We told each other everything, we shared secrets, and talked everyday on the phone. We had been friends for two years and finally one day she called and said she could come out here to meet me in person. We were both very happy! She came out here three days later. We had so much fun.

I live two hours away from San Fransisco so we went there, spent the day there and made unforgettable memories. We laughed and talked all night, took pictures of us doing random things.

The day she went home, I felt so alone. I cried so much because there was no one else that cared like she cared for me.

We have went through thick and thin. We are still best friends and talk everyday.

My best friend is the girl wearing the cute hat in the first picture!

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