Missing Lost Friends

Have you ever found yourself missing lost friends? Sometimes a friendship can break apart and it is a terrible feeling when it happens.

Friends are awesome and beautiful; they are there for you when no one else is and they help you through the times in your life when you think that alone. They're also there during the happy times, those wonderful moments when you just know that the good times are good because of the friends that you have. So, when you lose a friend, it can be a very sad time.

Everyone has friends that end up leaving them for one reason or another. Sometimes the split is due to a fight, or other times it is due to a betrayal, such as one person being disloyal or hurting the other person. Sometimes, though, friendships end simply because of healthy reasons. If one of your friends gets married, for instance, or moves away, you might keep in touch with them for a period of time, but sooner or later you might simply stop being their friend. No matter how much you keep in touch with them, you are still missing them when you no longer have them by your side.

Missing Lost Friends is Normal

It is perfectly normal to miss lost friends. It is important to know that what you are feeling is common and expected. Losing a friend is like losing a loved one through death, so grief is an anticipated response. In some cases, you may feel like you'll never see that friend again and you will mourn for them for a while. It is okay to think about the memories that you have had with that friend, and to reflect on the good times. Remember that friends are always in your life for a reason, and even when they aren't there any longer, you can still be grateful for the time that they were there. You can cherish the memories of the good times that you had, even if you no longer have them.

However, if you become too sad over the loss of a friend and you don't see where there can be any happiness again or that you will ever have another good friend, it might be time to seek professional help. Even if you simply find someone to talk to who understands about friendships, you might find that sharing your feelings makes you feel better.

Sometimes, especially in today's "small world", reuniting with lost friends is possible. Through email and social networking sites, you might be able to reunite with friends that you thought were lost forever. If your friendships ended in a good note, or even if they didn't, this might be something that you want to explore.

Remember, too, that most of the time when a friendship slips away, it means that there is another friendship somewhere, ready and waiting to take its place. Everyone needs friends, and you might find that by reaching out to others that need friends as well, you are able to make new friends. You might not be able to replace your old friends, but you'll be able to replace the holes that they might have left in your life.

It is okay to miss your old friends, because they were an important part of your life. However it is also important to move on from old friendships and let yourself enjoy new ones that might come up. It might be hard to move on, but in the end you'll be happy that you did. New friendships are just around the corner.