Mikayla and Heather Two besties that are not now

by Heather

My name is Heather. I used to have a best friend named Mikayla. She was like my sister ever since year one to year seven. When we got to high school everything was fine until I met Gavin. He was a year ten cute, awesome friendly guy. In my opinion, he was the best. The bad thing was that I usually walked home with Mikayla every afternoon. Gavin said I should walk home with him so I ditched Mikayla Monday, Thursday and Friday. Me and Mikayla went to the park every day and went to the shops and had a great time.

When Gavin's girlfriend broke up with him I kinda cared about Gavin more because he was hurting. I felt like I had to help him. After about three days I started to miss Mikayla more.

Then Gavin asked me to walk home with him on Tuesdays and I told him that I had to ask Mikayla. She said yes because I walk with her in the mornings everyday.

Until the last day of term two we were in p.e and I was talking to Nicola. She and I were joking around and we said some things that weren't kind about Mikayla. I was joking but Mikayla found out what I said.

Now it is the holidays. She lives up the street from me. I have sent notes up there a poster and everything - even a song to try and get her back but she thinks I care about Gavin more.

I have been at Gavin's house like ten time these holidays, but I want my best friend back.

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