The Meaning of Friendship

What is the meaning of friendship to you? Does being a good friend mean never telling a secret? Does it mean giving without expecting anything in return? For most of us, friendship mean that no matter what happens, your friend is always there for you.

In all relationships, there will be times when things are going great and you and your friend are getting along perfectly, but then something will happen and one of the two of you will disagree about a particular topic. It's normal. We are not all made alike - and it would be a boring world if we were. Being good friends means you should work through these kinds of situations, though. That is the true meaning of friendship.

A Friend Puts Your Needs Before Theirs

In addition, a friend who puts your needs before theirs is a true friend indeed. Best friends think about how a situation will play out. They consider your needs before everything else. That isn't to say they don't have needs, too. This works both ways. As a friend, you need to do your part and focus on your friend as well. Friend show how much they care about one another in their actions as well as their words.

A Friend Will Lift Your Spirits and Confidence Level All at the Same Time

Another telltale sign of a true friend is someone who will lift your spirits with encouraging words. The meaning of friendship is found in a friend who cheers you up when you are sad and compliments you on your achievements. With that said, you should be more than willing and able to provide your friend with the same courtesy. If your friend's eyes light up when you show up, then you know you are doing it right.

A Friend Will Always Tell You the Truth

Lastly, a true friend is one who will always tell you the truth, no matter what the results may be. Honesty is an important ingredient in any relationship, especially that of a strong friendship. This makes for open discussions and honest opinions, both of which will be the basis for the best of friendships. Along with this is keeping secrets. If your friend tells you something privately, do not ever share it. Friendships are often quickly torn apart by a friend who shares information told to them in secret. A friend who is honest with you needs to know they can count on you.

The True Meaning of Friendship

The meaning of friendship is based on two people who care about each other wanting what is best for one another. When that happens, friendships really can last a lifetime.