Looking for Friends

When you are looking for friends, you might imagine it to be a challenging prospect at least at first. looking for friends, good friends Starting a new friendship can be difficult as you don't necessarily know who might make a good friend. Trying to make new friends becomes a little easier, however, when you give some thought before searching out that new friend.

Think about it? What is it that you want in a friend? What kind of person makes a good friend?

There are a few traits common to people who make good friends. People with these characteristics make a long lasting relationship more likely to happen. If you find that these traits are present in someone, you can anticipate that they will be a good friend.


One trait you should really look for in potential friends is a caring nature. People who care about others are usually good friends to have. You want someone who cares about you and your feelings as this is a good foundation for the whole friendship. They should also be caring with regard to the feelings of others and not be hurtful in nature.

Fun to Be Around

Other teens you are considering becoming friends with should be fun to be around. This does not mean that they should act like clowns all the time but it is good if they know how to laugh and have a good time. Being able to share funny stories and ?inside jokes? makes friendship enjoyable. In fact, it can make the whole friendship an adventure.


When looking for friends, you should also choose people who are honest. Honesty is extremely important no matter how old you are. People who are honest, or have integrity, will tell you the truth but in a caring, nice manner. An honest person is someone with whom you can trust and build a wonderful friendship. No one wants to associate with people who don't tell the truth.

Sets a Good Example for Others

Your friend should also be somebody who will set good examples for others. They should act in a way in which other people want to be like them. Often, this is displayed in a person as they go about their days helping others, being friendly, sharing, listening, and other "friendly" traits.

Share Your Likes and Dislikes

A good friend to have is also someone who shares your various likes and dislikes. This doesn't mean that they have to be exactly like you but if you both share common interests you will find that you have a lot more fun when you get together to do things. Things in common like favorite activities, television shows, movies and food will make the friendship grow even stronger in some cases. When searching for a new friend, try to find out what they like and see if you have common interests.

Respectful of Others

Last but certainly not least, friends you seek out should be individuals who are respectful of others. They should show respect to adults as well as others their age. They should know when to speak and how to address others - no matter what the situation entails. Respectful friends make great friends as they will treat you and others as you deserve to be treated.