Just Between Friends

Keeping things just between friends is important - and sometimes even fun.

There is nothing like the relationship that you have with your friends. Not even your mom, who might ask you all sorts of questions, or your diary, where you might spill your secrets, can have the same impact on you and the things that you want to share as your friends. The joys and secrets that will always stay just between friends are joys and secrets that you will cherish for the rest of your life, no matter how many years have gone by.

Friendships do have their ups and downs. Sometimes friends are challenging. Sometimes they actually teach you a lot about yourself. And sometimes you might fight with friends, even best friends which can be frustrating and upsetting. However, no matter how good your good times are, and no matter how bad the rough times might be, it is important to keep those special secrets truly just between friends. If something is meant to be a secret, you should always keep it that way, and you'll be rewarded with friends that do the same for you.

just between friends, best friends

There is nothing quite as wonderful as the support and encouragement that comes from having friends. No matter what you are going through, your friends are going to be there for you. They'll talk you out of your crazy ideas, or, if they can't, they'll be right there with you when you see them through to completion. Even when times are really bad, our friends are always there for us, regardless of what might be going on in our lives.

It isn't always the serious times where we all enjoy those best friends. Friends have inside jokes - things that are only funny to two of them, or a small group. You probably have words or phrases that you can say to your best friends, and they'll know what you mean, and get a good laugh about it. Sometimes communication with friends doesn't even need to be out loud. Some of the best inside jokes and stories are those that can come back by only seeing a funny scene in a movie, or even something completely random that will make both of you burst into laughter.

When you have best friends, your jokes are always funny ? and if they aren't, your friends either will tell you so or will laugh along with you at them. If you have sad stories, they'll be met with tears from your friends, because friends don't just listen to what you say, they are actually feeling what you feel, simply because the yare your friends and it is what you are feeling.

Friends give us so much more than we'd be able to give ourselves. They kick us in the backside when we really need it, and get us into gear when we need to be there. They share secrets, they tell jokes, and they'll always be there for us, no matter what we need. The things that are kept just between friends are things that we will always cherish, no matter how much time passes.