I Miss My Friend

Although friendships are some of the most joyful relationships that people have in their entire lives, sometimes they can be difficult. It is hard when a friend doesn't spend as much time with you as they used to - or when a group of friends just doesn't get together as they used to. It can be hard to miss friends - and it can be hard to be a friend that is missed.

Sometimes, there is a perfectly logical explanation for friendships going by the wayside. As life goes on, everyone gets more and more busy, and it can be hard to find time to fit all of your friends into your life. When lives are busy, it doesn't mean that you or your friends have done anything wrong or that anyone has made a mistake; it only means that there simply isn't time to get together with friends and just hang out.

However, if you find yourself saying, "I miss my friend" and moping about, you may want to evaluate the friendship and see if it is possible to revive it. When life gets busy, you may not be able to spend 3 hours a day shopping or chatting on the phone like you did when you were younger, but you can likely spare an hour for a visit, a trip to a spa together or a nice walk.

Sometimes, joining groups or activities together with your friends can be a great way to make sure that you get things done but also spend time together. You don?t want to be the friend that is missed, so if you are way too busy and don't have time to be with your friends, you might want to think about something that you can cut back on in your life. Look for ways to include your friends in something so that you can have more time together. Friendships do work both ways.

Friendships are something that is alive - something that needs to be tended and nurtured. If you want to keep your relationships healthy, be sure that you spend a little bit of time each day with or for your friends. Even if you are really busy, or in a time in your life when you are going to keep being busy for weeks or months, it is important to take a few moments to show your friends that you care about them. Remember that friendships will grow apart if you don't tend them.

Also, remember that often you can help maintain friendships in very small and quick ways - whether you are the busy one or whether your friend is the busy one. Even small things can make a positive difference in your friendships, and that might be all it takes to keep you and your friends from being missed.

Here are a couple of quick ideas for keeping in touch:

  • Getting a hold of your friends in person isn't always possible, especially if everyone is busy. But an email or text message is something that you and your friends can read and respond to when you have time. Emails and text messages used to seem impersonal, but now, they are very popular ways of just saying "hi".

  • Take a few minutes and make a quick phone call. If you tell your friend that you only have a few minutes, they'll understand that you are busy and will appreciate that you made the effort.

  • You can also do things that don't really take any time, but will still remind your friend how much you care. Drop a cute card in the mail as you are going about your business, and they'll get it in a few days.

Keeping in touch with your friends doesn't have to be face to face every single time you want to say hello or tell your friend that you are thinking about her (or him). If you have said to yourself, "I miss my friend", then you owe it to yourself and to your friend to take action and keep that friendship alive.

Friends are the most important people you will have in your life because they will always be there for you. Making time for your friends is the best way you have to show them that you really care about them.