I Love my Best Friend

by Lauren

Hey, I'm Laureen here - Just want to say that my Best Friend is Darlene Southern. She is The Bestest Friend you could ask for.

She's always there when I need her. She is there to cheer me up when I am down. She does everything to make me happy. She sticks up for me when I am going through trouble with other girls. She forever gives me hugs and stays out late with me when I have no one. She includes me in everything she does, even if shes going to her boyfriend's she brings me. Ha!

We do mad stuff together that we will never forget. I've known her me whole life and I am so happy that I know her. :) I hang around with her every day. We are like glue stuck to each other. AND, I am always there if she needs me, too.

I Love You best friend for life

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