I lost my best friend

by Aoife Corr

When I was in year 7 at school I had a lot of friends. I was one of the most popular girls in the school. It was my first year at my new school and I thought it would be difficult. But, as soon as I met my new class I was sure it would be fine.

On the 7th of November 2009 I was on an instant messaging website talking to my friend - she had told me that some other girl had been bothering her. I was angry at the fact that my friend was upset so I asked her to add me into the conversation. She added me in and immediately the girl started calling us various names. I defended me and my friend and then asked her what school she went to and it turned out she went to my school! and was in the same year!!!! I was curious to find out who she was. She kept calling us names so we arranged to fight that Monday in school, on the 9th of November 2009 it was Monday and it was break. I was at my history class and I was walking past a classroom when my friend said that's her. Before I could see her she had run away.

Later that day at lunch time she was at her lunch table. My friend pointed her out. So I went up and asked which one was her and everyone at her table pointed at her. She was pale and shaking and said n..n..no I'm not. and I immediately felt guilt and sadness.

I said to her, don't worry, I wont touch
you. I didn't want to hurt you I was just upset, she then smiled and said oh thank you so much. I told my friend I wasn't going to hit her and she got angry and walked up to the other girl and said "I'M STILL GOING TO" but I pulled her away and wouldn't let her.

Me and the girl I was going to fight started walking around together and people were following saying where is the girl you were going to fight and I said this is her and pointed and they all looked confused. I said yes we WE'RE now we aren't. The next few days passed by and I was with her everyday that week and the next and the next.

We became BEST FRIENDS and not just the kind that you like. We LOVE each other and we are REALLY good friends. I have been invited to her house and we had so much fun taking pictures and messing about :)

Nut then it was summer and we were upset that we weren't going to see each other. I saw her that day and I didn't see her for the rest of the summer. We went on holidays and barely spoke. When I got back I texted her, but she wouldn't text back. During the last week of summer she texted me and all she said was 'hi'.

I went into school on my first day of year 8 and I didn't see her. It is now October.. more than a month later and we still haven't talked... our friendship just broke apart.. and I don't know how to fix it :(

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