How can you make friends, even if you are shy? The best way to make new friends is to make a good first impression.

How Many Friends?

It can be great to have friends - people who are there for you no matter what. Everyone wants friends who will share your secrets, offer advice, and enjoy great times. Friends are fantastic, but how many friends is enough and how many friends might just be too many?

If you have one or two good friends, you might look at people who seem to have lots of friends and wonder if you don't have enough. If you have a lot of good friends, you might wonder if you should concentrate on just one or two - it can be overwhelming to try to keep up with many people at once. Understanding how many friends is good for you might take some time, but eventually, you'll understand what your wants and needs are.

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Really, one good friend is what a person needs most in life. When someone cares about you and listens to you, it makes you feel very special. And, of course, you are! Having at least one good friend means that you're doing fine (better than fine, you're doing great) - and even if you don't have a good friend right now there are ways to find new friends. (Check out some of the other articles about making friends here on the site.)

Now, knowing that you can have a great time with one friend is great, but don't think that if you have a dozen friends, you are off the mark. Not at all. There's nothing wrong with having more friends, even if you are all as close as can be. Having lots of good friends can be exciting because you can have a big group to turn to, and a big group to be with and enjoy your time together.

However if you find that you've got too many people to keep in contact with, and you are running from one group to another, remember that not all of your friends have to be best friends. You can have some friends that might not know all of your secrets, friends that you might not talk to all of the time. Keep on good terms with them, because you never know when you might need another opinion. But, focus on those people who you really feel are your best friends, and keep those ties strong with them for as long as you can. You'll be rewarded with a couple of very close friends, and a larger group of people who like you and who will hang out with you, but who might not know each detail of your life.

Its okay for you to question how many friends is right for you, and there might be times in your life when you think you should have more, and times when you think that you should have less. The best way for you to deal with your friendships is to be true to yourself, and keep the friends that you really believe are good friends close to you. Be true to the friends that have always been true to you, and stay true to yourself. Everything else, as they say, is just details.