High School Friends

High school can be a tough time, but having high school friends is something that will always make it better. Making friends in high school means making friendships that really can last forever. It isn't always easy to make good friends in high school, nor to keep them for the rest of your life, but it is important for you to try.

High school can be a very confusing and busy time. It can feel like you are constantly going from one place to another, and always changing how you feel and what you are thinking. This might drive some friends away, or make it hard to get them in the first place, but it can also be a great backbone for a friendship. If you have friends that have gone through the same things that you have, you are going to be able to relate to them even better. If you can use your hardships to create even stronger bonds, your friendships will likely last much longer. Even if they don't last forever, having cherished friendships while you are in school is a very important part of your making those school days better.

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High school friends really can get you through some rough times in your life. When you are taking difficult classes, trying out for a sport, or practicing for a school concert, it can be hard to deal with. Having dependable high school friends can help you get through these times, and can even make them easier.

Also, you need to have those special school friends around if you lose a boyfriend and/or have a messy breakup. They can be there for you as you work through your emotions. If your parents split up you can use your close friends to help keep you grounded and help you deal with the sadness. If you aren't making good grades, you are stressed, or you are just having a bad day, your friends can be there for you. Or, consider this: If you have problems at school, such as being teased, your friends can be on your side and can stand up for you.

High school friends are also much more reliable than the friends that you had in middle school. You probably already know that people mature and change as they get older, and this makes them more reliable. Try to keep away from the people who aren't as dependable and stick with those that you know you can trust.

Good friends in high school can also help you shape the way that you want to be. They can help you make good choices and guide you to the right decisions. When you hang out with people who don't have your best interest at heart, you could easily get hurt. However, if you are hanging out with people who do care about you, they will encourage you to make positive choices. Remember that you are going to be influenced by the way that your friends believe, so try to be sure that you are thinking carefully about your friends and what types of people they are before you decide to spend a lot of time with them.

Remember, as well, that it is just as important to be a good friend for them. Listen to what your friends say, give them good advice and give them your opinions. Be sure that you aren't alienating them or hurting them in any way. Just as you want them to be dependable, be that way for them.

Remember, awesome friendships can develop in high school. AND, you can stay in touch with them easily by using today's technology – such as email, IMs, and texting. You can say hi to your friends each and every day, even when you aren't at school. This will allow you to form stronger and more long-lasting friendships with them.

High School friends can provide friendships that last forever. Make 'em and keep 'em.