Hannah's Story

by Hannah

I was popular, pretty, and one of the ringleaders of the most wanted-to-be-in 'gang' in my Primary School.

I went up to Comprehensive and I became prettier, boys noticed me, the other 'uglier' girls glared at me in the corridors.

But then the rumors started.
"Hannah likes him."
"Hannah's said..."

It was endless, and being at the top wasn't rewarding any more.

I didn't have any true friends, I couldn't tell secrets because by the next morning, they would be half-way around the school.

Then, I found Ryan, and Ryan introduced me to Casey; who I had stupidly overlooked before because she held no value to me.

I trust them both with my life. I wouldn't change what I went through for the world, it's what has made me the friend I am now.

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