Friendship Text Messages

The Benefits of Friendship Text Messages

There are plenty of ways for teens to get in touch with their friends. Today, the best way to often do so is by sending text messages. There are many benefits to sending friendship text messages between teens and some of these will be mentioned below.

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One of the big benefits to using text messages to get a hold of friends is that you can contact your friends no matter where they are at the moment as long as they have their cell phones on them. Since most of your friends who own cell phones will have them with them at all times, it makes sense to use text messages to send friendly reminders or messages along to your buddies.

Quiet Way to Stay in Touch

These types of friendship text messages also provide a great way to stay in touch in a quiet manner. If your friends are in the middle of something where they can't have any noise disturbances, they can still check their text messages, receive the notes and do so in a silent way which won't let on to others that they are chatting with friends.

Friends Can Answer Text Messages When They Get a Chance

If your friends are busy at the moment and can't answer your text message right away, they can always get back to you as soon as possible. By sending a text message you are getting the note across to your friend and even if he/she can't read it when you send it they can do so at the next possible free moment.

You Can Have Private Discussions

Text messages sent to your friends can also be done in a private manner. Since conversations on cell phones can be overheard by others, text messaging offers friends a way to make contact with someone else, discuss what they want and not have their conversation listened in on by others.

Great Way to Just Say Hi

These text messages provide a way for friends to just say hi to one another. This will often brighten your friend's day and let them know that you are thinking of them. Again, since the text message is a message on the cell phone, it doesn't have to be answered right away by the one who receives it so it won't disturb them during whatever they are doing at the moment.

Texting a friend can also be a good way to tell a joke or lighten a friend's mood. Everyone needs a good laugh once and awhile and by sending a friendly text message you can make your friend smile without even speaking a word.