Friendhsip Storis: Up's and down's

by Aaron

Once in an unnoticed town lived a little girl with a big heart, Lilly. She was an all around perfect girl. Never took life for granted. But one day she was brought some bad news from her parents. She would have to leave her wonderful life here in her home, with her friends. Lilly cried herself to sleep that night with one thing on her mind, how to tell her best friend Anna Belle that she was moving. The next morning she awoke with a frown on her face. She picked up the phone and dialed Ann Belle's number. She didn't pick up. Lilly's day went from bad to worst. She moved to a place where she knew no one. But she loved her new home. It was big and beautiful. The next day she would start school. Her mother told her to look at the happy side as she could make all new friends.

Lilly looked doubtfully at her mother, how can I make friends when I am going to be new and I am a freak?

"Honey your not a freak and you better get before your late" said Lilly's Mum.

Lilly got her lunch and dragged herself to the bus stop. The bus pulled up to the stop with a creak. Kids started pointing at her. She looked down and got on the bus. the drive was a smelly stinky fat man.

"what's your name little miss"? "Lilly, get some deodorant"! she shuffled to a seat with a girl about her age with a kind face.


The girl turned o look at her.


yes, hi a greeting.

Wow! the girl turned away. Lilly crossed her arms, well; your not the nicest fish in the
boat are you? I don't have to be, I am popular.


Oh my God!

Where did you come from... the lost city?

What ever.

ha well at least yo know some English. What's your name?


cool! mine's Molly. Nice.

Thanks why don't you sit with me at lunch?



The bus pulled up to a big school. Lilly shuffled with Molly right behind her. They hoped off the bus and skipped into the building. Molly walked in and everybody looked at her. hello every one. this is my new best friend Lilly.

WHAT!!! yea Rachel, your so lame.

Lilly is the new "it".

HUH! I am the "it"!

You mean you were.

Molly you can't do this to me!!!

What ever Rachel, come on Lilly we don't want to be late for first period. OK. I hustled to follow Molly. I looked back to see Rachel almost in tears. I stopped to run over to her.

What is wrong? She looked at me like i just killed her cat.



what did i do?

You brought your butt to this school. Can't you just go back to no were? Rachel gabbed her books and stomped away.

Well Lilly, hurray! it's caddy day!! I ran to the room. The day was going, oddly. I got home with at least a grin on my face. The next few days were better. Until, we got a new new girl! Molly threw me away like an old dress. I knew not to get too upset over it, she wasn't a true friend. Then I met this girl Sara Beth. Now she is one of my best friends ever. I hope you can tell a real friend from a fake one!

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