A Friend in Need

Reasons Why a Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

Most people have heard the saying "A friend in need is a friend indeed". Well, this sentiment is one which goes for teens and adults alike. There are a few reasons why a friend in need is a friend indeed.

You can tell your true friends when they come to you for advice. If your friend is in need, they will often give you a call for helpful advice or simply to have a shoulder to cry on. Because that friend comes to you when they need help, it shows you that they think you are the person to help them. This is the ideal example of a true friend and something you should always keep in mind when a friend needs help.

They May Tell You Things That They Tell No One Else

friend in need

A friend who needs help and considers you their confidant may tell you things that they tell no one else. This shows how special they think you are. In return for your friend confiding in you, you should be sure to listen attentively and try to help them whenever possible. If you can help out, this will show your friend that not only will you listen to their problems but you are a good problem solver as well.

A Friend Who Asks You for Help Will Be There When You Need Help

You should help your friend not because they will return the favor but because you want to. However, a friend whom you help out from time to time is sure to return the favor and help you in a time of need. This true friendship supplies teens with a way to have someone help him or her with their problems. Remember that friendship works both ways and if you ask for help you are almost certain to receive it from your good friend.

Friends Should Be There For You during Good Times and Bad Times

The last reason why a friend who needs help is a friend indeed is that they will be there for you for both the laughter and the tears. Not only should two friends come together for fun times but also times of trouble. When you have a friend, make sure that the person whom you befriend is not a fair-weather friend and will stick by you no matter what. When the party is over, you want to be sure that your friend is still around. Although it is easier in the good times for many, it is when the rough times come along and you need help that you truly know who your friends are.