Forever Sisters - The story of Cam and Sam

by Cam

Sam and Cam first met in 1st grade in Sunday School. They never talked. That is..until they finally talked in third grade where they were in the same class. The first day they talked, a friendship had formed. Nothing could tear them apart for long. Cam, Sam, and another girl named Mackenzie. They were the "popular" girls of the school. Cam had began to get homesick at sleepovers. Then as fourth grade moved on, the two grew apart. It started over a lost cell phone. The feud lasted from 4-8 months. After another close fiend of Cams made them talk again, they once again became inseparable. 6 months after they made up, Cam is sitting here at this moment at Sam's house, writing this story. Cam and Sam...forever sisters <3

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