Enemy's can become friends too

by Lily Gotzion

There once was a time when we were enemies, but now we aren't enemies, anymore. Instead, we are starting to become friends. As Sienna and I typed back and forth, I could not help wondering if we were going to become friends for life. I mean, sure we have gone through a lot of things together in the first couple of months, but I mean how do we know what's ahead of us in middle-school.

I told Sienna that I was glad we could talk together like this, and bond so well. But I could not help wondering if Sienna felt the same way. Yes, we wrote a lot of stuff about ourselves in the email, but Sienna never really did write a lot about herself.

I sat at the computer thinking what I could write next, and how she might respond. I thought of asking her what she thought of this friendship or maybe if she thought we might become friends forever. But what I really thought though, "Is she going to be honest with me?" It's not that I didn't trust her, because I trusted her a lot. I just didn't know what she was going to say.

I decided I needed to see what she was going to say, so what did I have left to do? I typed a story of how I felt and about our friendship. I sent to her what I had wrote. I waited and waited, for what seemed to be hours, but only minutes had passed. I guess I was just anxious to see what happened.

But what did she answer? Nothing. Why? I don't know. I guess maybe she didn't know if we would be friends. In the beginning we had been far apart form being friends. But now what are we? I guess I can ask her what she thinks the answer is. But, once, when she was wise, she told me the price to pay, is drama. But now that I think about it, the price in life is not drama, but friends, who come and go. But this friend, I hope she stays.

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