Tips for Teens Who Are Considering Ending a Friendship

Although teens usually think that they will remain friends with other teens forever, there often comes a time when some friendships will end. If you are considering ending a friendship with a current friend of yours for one reason or another, there are a few tips to keep in mind when doing so in order to do this type of thing correctly and with the least amount of hurt feelings involved.

Make Sure Ending a Friendship Is What You Really Want to Do

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The first tip to keep in mind when you are considering breaking off a friendship with another teen is to consider it carefully. Make sure that this is the right decision and that ending the friendship is what you really want. Since most times a friendship cannot be rekindled if one person decides to end it, it is important that you think long and hard about it before you do it. Consider why you want to end the friendship and see if it is something which is temporary or a long-term issue.

Talk to Your Friend First

Another tip to keep in mind is to talk with your friend first.

Do not tell anyone else that you want to stop being friends with another individual as this can get back to that person and make for hurt feelings and trouble in the long run. Even if you think you need to vent about your problems to someone else, it is better to not do this. People always talk, even if they promise not to, and it will invariably get back to your friend. Sit down with your friend and tell them why you don't think the friendship will work. Make sure you listen to them and answer their questions.

Do It In Person

In a day where technology rules our lives through computers, cell phones, blackberries and other electronics, some teens may consider ending their friendship with another by way of one of these means. This is not a good idea. It is best to end the friendship with the other person in person, face to face. This will make for the least amount of hurt and show that person that you respect them enough to do it in person. For those who may find it too difficult to end the friendship in person, the second best way to accomplish this may be to do so over the telephone. Also, if ending the friendship with another teen in person might jeopardize your safety, then it is best to use the phone to do so or find some other way to do so without meeting with them in person. In the end, use your best judgment when it comes to how to do it.

See If There Is Any Way to Get Past the Misunderstanding

You should also make sure there is no other way around ending the friendship. If the other teen is a bad influence on you then maybe it is best to end the friendship. On the other hand, if you simply feel like ending a long-term friendship due to a simple misunderstanding, such as a hurtful comment, first see if there is any way to make up with the other person through apologies, promises to be a better friend, etc. Sometimes it is just something simple which can be fixed and doesn't have to result in the end of the friendship.