Circle of Friends

Often, one of the most wonderful ways to share yourself is to have a circle of friends. Many people have a group of people that they can go to no matter what they need. Within this kind of group, most people will have someone they can talk to about their feelings, get advice and support, or just have fun with.

Friendship is such a valuable part of everyone's life. It's so important to know that you will always have people that you can trust, and people that care about you.

Friendships Change

Of course, as time passes, friendships grow and change. Some people might leave the circle and then others will join the group to fill in those empty spaces. Life evolves and friendships do also.

It doesn't matter if you go out with all of your friends at once or if you just see one or two at a time (or if you hang out in small groups.) Part of the fun of having a circle of friends is knowing that you can do all of these things. You can have big parties and get together with everyone ? and you can also have the fun of having one or two friends get together on at other times.

It is also nice to have a circle of friends because you know that you can collectively gather the strengths of all of your friends at once. Within your group of friends, one person might be a great listener, while another is great at offering good advice. Someone might be good at encouraging others in the group. The benefits of having a group of friends rather than just one or two is that each friend brings different things to the group and everyone can benefit. The more people in the group, the more everyone can help everyone else.

You might have one friend that is perfect to go to the movies with, and another that is great for shopping with. It is important to remember that not all of your friends have to be good at everything, and this is part of why a circle of friends can be so special for you. But, don't forget you should contribute as well.

Part of being in a circle of friends might mean that not everything goes smoothly. When you have that number of people together, there are bound to be problems. Working through them individually or collectively is important to maintain those friendships.

Whether you are all going to a movie, or having a big birthday party, or just hanging out at one person's house, having a circle of friends can be the best way to get through any period in your life. Take care of your friends, and be sure that you are always open to having more friends join with you. You will find out that this is a wonderful way to build new friendships, as well as to maintain lifelong commitments.