Breanna's Story

by Breanna Lynn
(West Allis, Wisconsin, United States Of America)

On June 15th, 2007, My papa had passed away and it was my mom and dad's anniversary. He had passed away from lung cancer down in Florida. I had missed him a lot and had always wished he would come back to see me grow up. I felt bad for my baby sister cause she didn't even know him. I guess people say that when one dies another comes along and that is what happened when my papa died. He left and my lil sister came along.

I used to spend everyday with him when we went to visit him in Florida, but once we found out he had lung cancer, he didn't want us to see him cause of how bad he looked and he wanted us to remember him as himself rather than a lung cancer patient.

Once I told my best friend, Madison, she had helped me through it because whenever people brought it up, I kept crying. It was the one time I knew and felt I was missing something in my life and that my life was incomplete without him by my side my whole life but I knew it was going to happen sometime but not this early in life.

Madison had stopped by a lot at my house and always tried taking my mind off things and making me laugh and be happy one last time before I ever thought of his death again. Madison had always been a good friend to me by getting me through whatever bothered me.

After we met we knew in our hearts we were meant to be sisters forever no matter. A few years later, Madison had lost her Grandfather and I had done the same thing she had always done for me.

That is the way it is staying for us.

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