Adolescent Depression

Have you ever wondered if depression might affect you or someone you know? No matter where you are in life, you have probably noticed that your feelings change from day to day (and sometimes even minute to minute) and you might feel better about yourself and your life at one time than you do at another time. Depression is something that happens to everyone once in awhile. What can become worrisome, though, is when it happens for longer periods of time.

Temporary depression can be tough to deal with, but clinical depression can be an even bigger problem. It is important to know the difference or find someone who can diagnose the difference.

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Temporary depression can be a natural part of life. A person might go through stages where they feel helpless or hopeless, and they might deal with temporary depression when a loved one dies or when they lose friends. Temporary depression is a feeling of sadness that will be present for a time, but that will fade away as time goes on.

Clinical depression, however, is something is different. It is a feeling of sadness or ambivalence that settles upon you and doesn't go away. If you find that you are sad or withdrawn for a long period of time, you might be suffering from clinical depression. If you find that you are losing interest in the things that you used to do, or if you simply feel sad about the world around you and can't seem to snap out of it you might have this more serious form of depression. Talk to someone that you trust, and get help. Clinical depression is never something to ignore or something to try to handle on your own.

It is a good idea to learn about depression ? not just when you think you might have it, but also that you can recognize if one of your friends might be depressed. The more you understand about adolescent depression, the more you will know what to do about it when it happens to you or someone you care about.

Depression is a sad feeling; a feeling of hopelessness, or a feeling of worthlessness. You might feel as if you don't know what you want to accomplish with your life, or you might even feel as if your life isn't worth living anymore. Many things can cause a teenager (or anyone, really) to go into a depression. A loss in the family, a change in friends, a tough class or criticism of peers or family members can lead to a depression. No two people react the same way to life or to the situations that they find themselves in during their life. Sometimes, something small might set off a depression in one person, but another person might not be affected by that situation.

Adolescent depression can include a lot of different symptoms. Some people who are depressed sleep too much or too often, and others don't sleep enough. When a person is depressed, they find themselves losing interest in the things that they would normally be interested in, and find that they care about anything. Teens who are depressed can start to feel like nothing that they do matters. They might stop doing the things they have always enjoyed.

Adolescent depression is common. As teens go through life changes, have more responsibility, and learn more about who they are, they often feel sad or depressed about themselves or about the world in which they live.